Can’t Sell Your House?

Get GUARANTEED Income From Your Home…
While You Wait For the Market To Improve

If you are having trouble selling your house and it’s become a financial burden for your and your family, our Hassle Free Income program can put money in your pocket quickly so you can move on with your life.

We designed this program for owners who need to get reliable income from their property, but don’t want the hassles of being a landlord.

Here is how it works:

get guaranteed rent for your home We guarantee your rent even when the home goes vacant or if the tenant stops paying us.
we take care of home maintenance We cover minor repairs and coordinate other work at no charge to you.
better than property management companies We market the property, screen applicants, rent to quality tenants, and manage it as if it were our own home.

Unlike the fee-based services provided by property management companies, our hassle-free income program offers you a lower risk alternative that eliminates most of the hassles associated with being a landlord.