About The Rental Market in Memphis, TN

The Memphis rental market is very diverse. Some areas enjoy very high rental demand, while other areas are depressed. Unlike the suburbs that saw an increase in population over the last decade, the Memphis population declined sightly (by 0.5% according to the US Census).

Additionally, one fourth of the Memphis population is below the poverty level contrasted to only 2-4% in Bartlett, Germantown, and Collierville. As a result, the crime rate in Memphis is higher than that in the surrounding suburbs. This makes things challenging for owners of vacant homes since unoccupied homes are more likely to experience vandalism.

Despite these issues, areas like East Memphis/Colonial Acres, High Point Terrace, parts of Midtown, Cordova, and the University of Memphis, White Station and Grahamwood areas, enjoy healthy demand from good tenants as they are close to jobs and amenities. Other areas such as Berclair and Southeast Memphis (including Fox Meadows and Parkway Village) also have good rental demand.

These are not the only areas experiencing good rental demand, but they are the areas we prefer to work in as we feel confident we can find good tenants wanting to live there.

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