Over a year ago, I faced a dilemma. I needed to move out of town, but could not sell my house without a huge loss. Hassle Free Homes had a plan that met my needs. Selling my home would have resulted in a huge financial loss, but working with Hassle Free Homes the rental income plus the tax deductions leave me with a profit instead of a loss. I recommend Hassle Free Homes to everyone.

Sharon Lindsay, PA

We have been working with Hassle Free Homes since 2012 and working with them has been such an easy process.

Both Pedro and Sarah came out to our house and really listened to our needs and helped us figure out what the best option was for us.

They gave very helpful advice in ways to make our house more appealing to rent quickly. It was rented with in 2 weeks of being available!

We know our house is in good hands with Hassle Free Homes! They truly have been a blessing to our family.

Emily Hutchens, Cordova, TN

Sarah and Pedro helped me to move from being an unhappy, long-distance, long-time landlord to a Seller with a smile a yard wide. In short, they creatively crafted a solution that satisfied all parties.

I am indebted to them for their perseverance, flexibility and positive attitudes, and as both a demanding client and former Realtor, do not hesitate to recommend them to Landlords, Tenants and Property Investors in the Memphis area.

Roger Harris, Big Island of Hawaii

We were really in need when we found Hassle Free Homes. We were moving out of state quickly and had been interviewing property management companies but just couldn’t find a match until we talked with Pedro and Sarah.

I felt like the other companies overpromised or were underenthused about having us as clients. With Pedro and Sarah, I felt like they were personally invested in our mutual success. They were very honest and personable during the interviews and gave us a generous amount of their time to make sure we were going to have a positive experience. Through this process, we were confident that they would provide the same service and screening to potential renters and work with everyone to make sure things went as smooth as possible.

They have been extremely dedicated and responsive with all of our questions and concerns. I feel like they have our best interest in mind and make sound decisions working with the tenants and using their networks for ancillary services that are necessary to maintain a rental. In addition, with their online tracking and information management system, we always have access to the files we may need.

I would and have highly recommended Hassle Free Homes to friends and that is probably the biggest test in a personal testimony about a business. It’s been both a pleasure and a huge relief to work with Hassle Free Homes.

Gerri Thomas, Cordova, TN

My experience with Pedro and Sarah at Hassle Free Homes has been nothing short of fantastic. I live in South Dakota so I found out quickly that being a landlord in a different state is less than ideal.

When we began speaking with Hassle Free Homes, I knew from the start that this would be a group that not only helps us care for our home and investment, but also cares for us as people.

When we were unable to complete all of the work on the home, they were right there to help us quickly find the right contractors to do the work. They are always prompt to respond to any requests and just a great group of people.

Working with Hassle Free Homes has made being a property owner and landlord in a different state ideal again. I would recommend them to anyone!

Ryan Eekhoff, Sioux Falls, SD

It has been a real pleasure working with Pedro and Sarah. During the entire process, they both made sure my wife and I had a full understanding of what was going on, and were completely comfortable, before moving on to the next step. We always felt (and still do) that they had our best interest at heart.

Jim Strickland, Memphis, TN

I have been working with Pedro and his company for several years and found him to be creative, thorough, timely and professional. He has leased several of my properties and the payments, maintenance, reporting and information has been hassle-free from my perspective.

Craig Pettit, Dallas, TX

I came to rent from Pedro and Sarah at a time in my life when things had really gone wrong. They were there for me and my family when other people wouldn’t even accept an application.

Their willingness to see people as individuals instead of numbers has given us a roof over our heads and we are eternally grateful.

We’re really pleased to have rented from people with great family values and just overall concern and care for people. We are really pleased to do business with them and just think they are #1.

Melinda Harris, Memphis, TN

My husband and I both truly appreciate everything that Pedro and Sarah have done for us while managing our house. They have done so much for us that we do not feel the need to worry about our property anymore. Our old neighbors have even commented on how great the tenants are!

Neva Strickland, Memphis, TN