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We specialize in leasing homes from owners who don’t want to be “hands-on landlords”. Our program offers you peace of mind and certainty by reducing or eliminating most of the risks and hassles associated with being a landlord.

In traditional rental arrangements, you as the owner assume all the risks of non-payment, vacancy, and the full cost of routine maintenance and repairs. Our program removes most of these risks by offering you guaranteed rent over the long term (even if the occupant tenant stops paying or the home is vacant) and by sharing financial responsibility for routine maintenance and repairs.

How does it work?

  • We lease your home for multiple years (preferably between 3 and 7 years)
  • Our lease specifies how much rent we pay you and gives us the right to sublease the home to an occupant tenant
  • We rent the home out and manage it just like if we owned it – we advertise the home for rent, screen prospective tenants, collect rent, coordinate and supervise maintenance, and deal with issues that may arise
  • Depending on the arrangement, we take financial responsibility for some, all, or none of the maintenance
  • You get steady rent payments and the peace of mind of not having to deal with tenants or traditional property managers

Our Haslee-free Leasing Program Guarantees Owners’ Rent and Pays for Maintenance

How our program benefits you

REDUCED RISK: When we lease your property and agree to pay rent (whether rent is collected from an occupant or not), you shift a significant portion of the risk to us. This gives you peace of mind and a smooth rental experience without any collection headaches.

OUR INCENTIVES ARE ALIGNED WITH YOUR GOALS: Because we agree to pay you rent regardless of property occupancy, it’s in our best interest to find a good quality tenant who will pay the rent on-time, take care of the property, and stay a long time.

If we fail to select the right person, we lose money as we still have to pay you rent. Additionally, because we usually agree to take responsibility for some of the maintenance, it’s in our best interest (and yours) to control the maintenance expense as we do not profit from maintenance calls.

NO VICARIOUS LIABILITY: Since we lease the property from you and sub-lease it to the tenant, we are a principal (and not an agent) in both ends of the transaction. As a result, you get an additional level of insulation from liability that might result from our actions. If you hire an agent and the agent makes a mistake (such as discriminating illegally against an applicant), you could be liable for the agent’s acts.

YOU CAN BETTER PREDICT YOUR CASH FLOW: The fact that we pay you rent regardless of occupancy allows you to estimate your future cash flow (positive or negative) with more certainty than when you rent directly to the tenant occupant or through an agent. Also, since our profit comes from the spread between market rent and our rental payment to you, you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. There is no “nickel-and-diming”.

Why do business with us

WE DEVOTE OUR PERSONAL ATTENTION: We personally get to know all owners and tenants we work with. We lease a relatively small number of properties and are not interested in managing hundreds of properties and tenants like other companies do. As a result, we can afford to devote personalized attention to every tenant and owner we work with.

WE FEEL YOUR PAIN AS THE PROPERTY OWNER: We are active Real Estate investors and still own many of the properties we currently rent out.

All of our management decisions are made from the point of view of a property owner. In fact, our program mirrors to a great degree the experience of an owner: we make payments whether the home is vacant or not and even if the tenant is not paying. We also may assume responsibility for maintenance and do not profit from tenant maintenance calls.

Although we are not the agents of the property owner, our incentives are aligned with the owner’s interests: a win-win situation for all parties involved.

WE KNOW HOW TO MANAGE TENANTS AND PROPERTIES: We understand that a profitable, hassle-free rental property experience depends greatly on our ability to rent to tenants who will 1) pay the rent on-time, 2) maintain or improve the property, 3) stay a long time, and 4) be pleasant to work with. Therefore, we do not take actions that will maximize short-term income at the expense of long-term profitability.

As an example, we do not try to get above market rents by lowering security deposits. These terms tend to attract weak tenants who tend to result in high turnover as they are only seeking to rent the property for a short period.

WIN-WIN BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY: We base our business on the values of integrity, quality, and creativity. Our business philosophy is to create value for all parties we deal with including owners, tenants, and vendors. As a result, we work hard to structure transactions that benefit all parties involved.

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